Possible Subjects

  • Landscapes and Seascapes
  • Mountains and Deserts
  • Lakes and Rivers
  • Nature and the Natural World
  • Industrial Scenes
  • Mines and Smelters
  • Bridges and Tunnels
  • Trains and Stations

Photo Contest

Machines & Methods is starting the New Year with a little Photo Contest

The idea is that our customers submit photos every month depicting a scene in the Northwest+

Each month a photo will be selected and added to the website under the title:

Northwest+ Pick of the Month

At the end of the year the 12 photos selected will be made into a calendar and mailed, either in digital or print form, to all who made submissions

Now for the good part

A $100 check will be donated to the winner’s favorite Northwest+ charity

Rules: Few… just send in your pic and win! Or read the T&C’s, if you are so inclined

  • You live in the Northwest+ … WA OR ID MT UT BC or Alaska
  • Submissions: Before the end of the third week of each month simply send to tony AT machinesandmethods DOT com
  • Three pics max please that have been taken within the last 90 days
  • Images should be jpgs, max 300dpi and ideally less than 2mB in file size

Each image to be accompanied with:

  • Title, Brief Description or Comment
  • Your Name, Company, City and State/Province
  • Camera and Settings. Date and Time

Indicate your chosen Northwest+ Charity and by submittal you agree that Machines & Methods has the right to reproduce by print or digitally as per the intent of the contest.